Being successful in Martial Arts depends on two main factors - you and your instructor. If we show commitment and determination, and we happen to have an instructor with patience, a deep pool of knowledge and experience, as opposed to one who is just one step ahead of us, we stand a high chance of success.


All too often many students do not have the opportunity to study under a real Master, so when you have such an opportunity, grab it, and don't let go.


 I began my martial arts career in the 1960’s, training in Judo and Karate. I since also practised Kung Fu, Shaolin Chi-gong, Kick Boxing, Tai-Chi and much more. I moved to Ireland in 1977 after winning the British National Kung-fu Championship and was appointed Chief Instructor of the I.K.A.


Over the years, I have had considerable success in Martial Arts competitions. In 1979 reached the semi-finals in W.A.K.O WORLD Championships (semi-contact) held in Clearwater Florida. Appointed President of World All Styles Karate Organisation representing Ireland in 1983 soon after becoming the National Coach for the Republic of Ireland (The world’s largest multi-style martial arts association).


While in Ireland I won the Irish Lt Heavyweight Full-Contact Kickboxing title in 1979. In 1982 I won international Black Belt Masters (All – Styles) Championship, Also All Styles Light Heavyweight Grand Champion (semi-contact) 1982. and for four years I was the Irish Semi – Contact Champion. I also won and have participated in numerous other national and international tournaments, both at home and aboard.


In the mid 80s, I was awarded my 5th Degree Black-belt by the World All Styles Karate Organisation. As the coach to the Irish team, my students won many international tournaments, including World titles. This evidenced my ability to pass on my vast experience and knowledge


Being the national coach for the Republic of Ireland coaching Taekwondo -do, Shotokan fighters and his own Lar-Gar Kung-Fu student to world championship Gold Medals W.A.K.O. World Championship 1988 at Aston Vila Leisure Center Birmingham England and was award 6th Degree Black-Belt for services to the sports.

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With Bill "Superfoot" Wallace